Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Week 5 - Progress 4: Lined Up

Alright, despite some doubts I managed to finish drawing the background and ink the whole thing today. I can definitely say, however, that next week's drawing will be more organic in its setting. I'm getting bored of all this straight lined artificial nonsense.

I realized after reading Kessie's comment in the last entry that unless you're familiar with Spriggan (and a very limited portion of the anime fan population is) this picture makes very little sense. So, let me elaborate a little:
-It is an office, but it's in a sort of military HQ in the city. Supposedly Tokyo, but I was too lazy to look up Tokyo's skyline.
-The two characters horsing around are super-soldiers and comrades, and have a bit of a brotherly relationship. The one with the long hair (Jean) is older than the Japanese kid (Yu).
-The other two in the room are more minor characters that are not in the Spriggan movie, but do have roles in the manga. I assume they're used to this sort of behavior, hence their not really caring.
-The person who owns the office isn't there yet.

Hopefully now it makes a tiny bit more sense. I'll be sure to include those details when I upload it to DeviantArt

Music: Again, none. Was just watching Mythbusters on Netflix's website.

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  1. All I know about Spriggan is that they're werewolves or something that only transform when they see/smell/taste blood. Which automatically makes it way too gory for me to ever watch, but I appreciate the concept.

    Ah, they're just horsing around! Okay then. I thought this was some kind of weird fight scene all week. :-)