Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week 7 - Progress 2: A Trying Day

Yes, as far as art goes, it was a trying day. Why? Because Photoshop crashed a good five times before it let me make any actual progress on the background. Also, I need to figure out how to make the willow tree's leaves look more like those and less like mutant vines.

Kenjo, however, was decently cooperative. Mostly I like him, but there's a few things that seem off, which is why he isn't inked yet. I'll sleep on it and see what I come up with by tomorrow.


  1. I sat here and stared at Kenjo, and the only thing that strikes me as odd is the hand holding the book. He seems to have six fingers. The rest of him looks good.

    The tree in your background looks funky to me, though. It's one big, perfect arc, like a rainbow.

  2. Kenjo's ears seem a little low to me, like the top of them is an expansion of his cheek and the lower part an extension of his jawline. After looking closer I made a bit more sense of it, but it certainly didn't read right the first time. Could just be due to how you have his bits of hair hanging down, but that seems off. Here's a little scribble showing a little more accentuation of the ear and a little break in the hair so as not be read as the jawline as well. (

    About the tree, what you have so far I thought was a cave at first. With Kenjo's stance I would have but the trunk against his back, unless you were planning on flipping it.
    I had done a little background willow in a previous piece, but it didn't come out very strongly either, almost too much definition. ( Did a quick search of painting willows and got this. ( It's a bit long winded and with physical brushes, but the ideas could get carried over a bit easier with a few spotty photoshop brushes. I dunno if this will help too much as your photoshop seems to be a big crash fest, but it's worth mentioning.