Saturday, May 5, 2018

In Living Color - The End of 2017

At long last, the last of the art from 2017 that I will be sharing. I'm sure that if I'd remembered to update more than once a month (or two...) we would have reached this point sooner. But let's wrap this up so we can move on to drawings from 2018.

The middle of November there was a Voltron fan-run even dedicated to my favorite character, Shiro. I didn't do a piece for all seven days, but here's a couple that I did. I had fun with the dramatic lighting that I added digitally.

They're both highly symbolic but unless you've seen the show they would take an essay or two to explain.

Towards the end of December I went to see Thor: Ragnarok on one of my days off. It was a week day so I had the entire theater to myself and had a great time not only because of that but because I love Thor and this is a great movie.

I enjoyed it enough to be inspired to do my first ever Thor fanart, despite loving him in the movies for years. 

Whenever I next remember to update, I'll finally be posting drawings from the beginning of 2018! The year that I decided to try drawing more dynamic poses and less head/shoulders like Thor up there.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Darker Things

A few more of the things I managed to do for my personal "Inkvember". I feel like these have a good variety to them.

"Lost" - Sharpie and ballpoint pen

"Hidden" - Hanji Zoe from Attack on Titan

"Rock" - Hunk and Shiro, Voltron: Legendary Defender

Next time I actually remember to update will be what I did after I stopped the Inkvember prompts. We're inching closer to the end of 2017's art!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

After Inktober

This has been sitting as a draft on my blog for one month. Oops.

Anyway, after my trip last October, I wanted to do some drawing prompts again to keep my skills sharp. I found prompts from 2016 Inktober and went with those does few days.

Day 1: "fast" (asleep) - Lance, Voltron

Day 2: Noisy - Hanji, Attack on Titan

Day 3: Collection - Young Alfor and Coran, Voltron

Day 4: Hungry - Shiro and Allura, Voltron

Yeah that turned self indulgent end but I'm not sorry.

Hopefully it won't be as long between updates this time.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Last of Inktober (Finally)

So exactly one month later I'm remembering to post the rest of what I drew in October. It wasn't a lot but I did spend the last week of the month on a trip and chose not to sweat over making any art happen.

Inktober Day 10: "Gigantic" (not fanart, just something cute)

Inktober Day 9 was Screech but I did Day 21's "Furious" instead. Poor Keith

Inktober Day 11: Shatter: Shiro from Voltron and heavy symbolism
Inktober Day 14: Fierce: Pidge from Voltron because she is that

Sunday, November 19, 2017

More Inktober - Violence Warning for Last Image

NOTE: The final image is going to be at the bottom with a large amount of space between it and the others. This will make it easy to avoid.

So I was mistaken and I only filled twelve Inktober prompts, but that's okay. I had fun and they were great practice. Again, mostly Voltron fanart with a single Attack on Titan piece. 

As last time I'll just give the prompt and a short explanation.

005 Long: As in "long day"

007 Shy: A little baby Galra Keith hiding behind Kolivan

008 Crooked: A good excuse to draw Hanji with a crooked grin

The last pic will be down below this. Next time will be the rest of the Inktober fills.

006 Sword: Based on events revealed in season 3 of Voltron

Saturday, November 4, 2017

A Little Inktober

I did say last time that I'd post the fruit of my Inktober labors, so here's the first few. All but one of the things I drew last month are fanart but I'm totally okay with that. But I do feel like I sometimes over-explain drawings so I'll just give the prompts and a short sentence with each drawing.

#1 Swift: Makes me thing of water moving swiftly.

 #2 Shattered: Some phantom limb pains going on here

 #3 Poison

#4 Underwater: Hanji from Attack on Titan as an octopus mermaid

I only filled thirteen prompts, but I stopped because I was about to go on vacation and I wanted this to be fun and not stressful anyway.

More to come soon!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Nothing Inktober Yet

I mentioned in the last entry that I would be participating in Inktober this year, and so far I have been. Honestly I'm impressed that I've managed to fill a prompt every day so far. But before I start posting those drawings, I want to put up the ones I finished before this started.

First up, an adorable couple from Voltron: Legendary Defender. I spent a Saturday working on this sketch of Hunk (the human) and his rock alien girlfriend, Shay. They have such an adorable relationship that I just had to draw them at some point. I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner. Especially because it turns out they're both super fun to draw.

This one I just did for some digital art practice and to pull myself out of an art funk. Eren from Attack on Titan. It's a... grim show for those who didn't know. Though for context's sake, he was saving a kidnapped girl. ...Let's move on.

Lastly, another fun Voltron art of Shiro and Pidg wearing these lion backpacks. The space mall background is a screenshot from the show because I am not that ambitious.

Next time there will be some Inktober sketches, though I'm not sure when that will be. Season four of Voltron drops on Netflix this Friday and I may be an emotional wreck.