Thursday, July 28, 2011

Educational Sketching

It may not have come up before, but I really enjoy art projects that require me to do research along the way, usually in the conceptualizing/sketch phase of it. In this case, through rather random inspiration, I decided that I wanted to do something complex of the Hetalia personification of Vietnam.

I was watching a movie with Chinese actress Gong Li in it, and this gave way to wanting to draw Vietnam... somehow. Anyway, since I want this drawing to be mindful of the actual country and its culture, so I looked up photos of the Vietnamese traditional dress called an Ao Dai, as well as what colors mean in that culture so I could choose them well. Green standing for lust really threw me for a loop, but you learn something new every day.

This probably also hasn't come up before, but flowers are not on my list of favorite things to draw, so drawing, inking, and coloring several of them for her dress should be... interesting.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mini Memory Lane Joy Ride

The weekend before this last one I was a guest at my brother's house while things were worked out for me to replace my new car. I ended up with a white 2000 Dodge Durango, thanks to his enthusiastic assistance, and I must say I enjoy driving it. I won't enjoy putting gas in it, but that's a complaint for another time.

My brother is busiest at his job during the summer (such is the life of kitchen staff at a country club), so while he was out I spent hours and hours reliving my childhood by playing the first Crash Bandicoot game on his PS3. I'd forgotten how simply beautiful and fun that game is, and it was influential enough to help me break my art block.

It's just a quick thing - probably took an hour tops and I didn't use a reference. But my word, it was relaxing and great fun. The next morning I also did this five-minute sketch to ensure that the breaking of artists' block wasn't a one-time deal:
Just a fast scribble as my character Kat as one of the game series' default female badicoots. The lack of a certain long, fluffy appendage is not going well with her. She probably hasn't noticed that her fur is orange yet.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Knowing When To Surrender

So... since my last update things have and have not improved. The good news was that I received a good deal of money for my "pain and suffering", which covered all the bills I was behind on this month, plus my glasses were replaced (for which I will be refunded), and I was provided with a rental car. I returned to my apartment, had a nice birthday, etc.

I'm still exhausted, however, and I just... can't draw. I tried on Monday and did horribly, managed some moderately successful sketching on Tuesday, but that's all. I can't focus and I'm just too worn out. Signing over my car title to obtain the funds to replace it is not simple regardless of what the insurance company would have you think. Work hours are sparse right now, too, though the work I do get is tiring and I owe volunteer hours to a local charity.

While I may be "approved" for unemployment, the website is confusing and I made a mistake on it that I can't fix until tomorrow. The office contact my boss on something it sounds like, and I'm hoping she realizes it was an honest mistake and isn't angry with me or think I'm dishonest.

However, this fall I will be taking a painting studio class at college. If I manage to get my brain functioning between now and then I will post sketches, but aside from that don't expect anything exciting until I get my canvas and paints out and start on that.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


So um... things are rather hectic lately, hence the lack of Weekly Art uploads or just any art in general. I've been struggling through work since returning from my trip and trying to find a new job. The real kicker was last Saturday (July 2nd) when I was in a car collision while driving out to camp with my family for the 4th of July.

Now, I'm pretty much unhurt. I was sore liked I'd never been in my life for a few days and some things still hurt, but only when I move a certain way. My glasses, which I need for driving or seeing very far, are missing. They flew off my face and were simply not to be found despite all my windows being up. I'm going to hear about my car's repair-ability today, but I'm pretty sure Tobi will never ride again. Here's a few pics from my Tumblr to give you an idea:

There are a few good things about this, however. Most of all, that it isn't my fault. The lady behind me wasn't paying attention to the fact that the car in front of her (me) was rightfully yielded to oncoming traffic. Because of this her insurance has to cover everything from me "just to be safe" trip to the ER to replacing my glasses to getting me some new transportation, and some extra cash that will be a great help in general.

And yes, I still made it out to camp. A cousin who was in town anyway brought me out, and an uncle who lives in town brought me back on Tuesday. I'm kinda stranded up here and away from my apartment and my cat and my job. Thankfully a friend managed to get in my window to feed the cat and grab my mail, and the people I work for are really flexible. A real bummer, however, is that I want to go home to pet my kitty and get my mail. I probably have birthday cards and packages in there, and a friend is supposed to be taking me out to lunch for it.

Ah yes, my birthday is on Monday. I'll be 24, and spending it without my mom for the first time. At the very least I can buy myself a cake even if I'll probably be late getting my gifts and such. I'm not expecting my replacement glasses to be miraculously in by tomorrow, and they're sorta necessary for me to drive my rental car or whatever else back home.

Also, thank God I have a ton of friends and family in the area who have been taking the most amazing care of me.