Thursday, March 29, 2012

Week Ten: Is It April Yet? Artistic Nudity

March could be over already and that would be fine with me. It has been an inexplicably rough month even with Spring Break. At the very least my goal of finishing my second commission by April appears doable. It's just clothing and a simple background from here, and while skin is fun to color it can be difficult, especially with colored pencil.
We're onto our next project in Printmaking, which will be Intaglio. Trust me when I say Wikipedia could explain it better. At the very least it should go more smoothly than silk screen. This is my concept so far. I was not in the best of moods.

Finally started on the third commission, and it and the fourth are for the same person. This one will only be line art, but the other will be color.
Lastly, something from Figure Drawing on Monday because there weren't any results from Wednesday worth posting. We're doing India ink now. For some reason the longer poses are less stressful for me than warming up.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Week Ten Part Two?

It's truly irksome that this semester has challenged me to a duel and is thus far winning. After making it to at least June last year with Weekly Art, however, giving up already is hardly an option. So onward we press. Hopefully April will bring something of a fresh start.

The commission is still being worked on and is finally in the color stage, which shouldn't take nearly as long as sketching it since these were new characters to me. Unfortunately working on it during my lunch break right now isn't an option because I left the picture in my scanner like the genius I am.

We've moved onto to ink media in Figure Drawing, and though I don't have photos of what we did yesterday, here's something from last week. These were done with Tombow markers, which I hadn't used in a few years. It was an experience that revealed that I need a lot more practice with faces.
And finally, a little something that kept me good and occupied all last Sunday afternoon. It's lumpy and very retro, but it was hard work and it's mine. Too big for the dollhouse, alas, but perfect for the Barbie-sized collection I have.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week Eleven: Second Commission

As stated last time, Weekly Art will be commissions until they're all finished. This one will be inked, colored, and have a background; the whole nine yards as far as commissions. The man on the right is African-American and his face is being challenging. The lips and nose finally look right, but thankfully his left eye needs to have a patch on it. Just as well since it doesn't look good.
Also, the print that's been giving me so much trouble in Printmaking I has finally taken form. Here it is in all its painted glory. Sort of. It would look bet scanned than as a photograph.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Week Ten (Sorta)

All-in-all Spring Break was horribly unproductive besides work and some volunteer hours at a thrift store. No homework was finished and there was just no motivation to draw... until this. It's the first of four different commission pieces that need done, but is the only one I finished last week. To be fair, however, it was also the only one paid for at the time.

This means that Week 11 (which I will post progress of tomorrow) will also be commissions. Once they're all done I'll reward myself with some work of my own.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week Nine: Closing In...

With Spring Break under way and no rush on my homework, there was plenty of time and motivation for drawing yesterday. All that remains is to color three more drawings and finish sketching/inking one.

Unabashed favoritism was a big factor here, since Duke is my favorite Duck and Rarity is my favorite Pony. There's other reasons, but again, they can wait until all the drawings are finished and put on DeviantArt together.

Commissions will be started tomorrow!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Week Nine: Catch-Up

Inked two today! Again, giving myself until Monday to finish which should be no sweat. Still undecided on how to color them, but slapping some pigment on with GIMP is tempting.

Also have four commissions to do! Good thing next week is Spring Break!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Week 9 Extra: It Figures (Artistic Nudity)

More puns. Isn't this fun?

Anyway, since there's quite a collection of drawings from my Figure Drawing class this week, they get their own entry. It was a productive week despite some emotional setbacks. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Week Nine: Three's Company

Tired of the number puns yet? Too bad.

This is actually going better than anticipated. Since both ducks and ponies are simple and familiar to me and there won't be any backgrounds to fuss with, it's actually quite relaxing. They can be churned out rather quickly with still decent results.

Anyway, Mallory and Rainbow Dash are inked and Nose Dive and Pinkie Pie are started. Not posting Wildwing and Apple Jack again since nothing further has been done to them, so there's no need to waste the space.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Week Nine: For Two

These are going to be numbered in my sketchbook so it's obvious that there's a reason for six drawings in a row to have the same theme. A lot had to be fixed before inking Wildwing and Applejack, but the end result looks nice. Hopefully that will continue with the coloring step.

The next two are Mallory and Rainbow Dash. Mallory's polishing a helmet that's in serious need of being re-drawn along with her hand. All of the ducks will be in casual clothes that I make up as I go because the idea is for these to be simple. Drawing their battle gear would be too time-consuming.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Week Nine: The Nostalgic 2x4

Last Friday as the work day was winding down and two cups of coffee were pumping through my system, a project for this week came to me. One of my favorite shows to watch after school with my brother and father (not long before he was killed) was the Mighty Ducks cartoon series. My Little Ponies were among my favorite toys at the time, too. With the new Pony series out featuring six main characters and an important show from my childhood having the same, the idea came to me to combine the two.

So the idea this week is do complete six easy drawings featuring a Duck and the Pony I think suits them best. Some are going to be biased (my two favorites will definitely be in the same drawing), but over-all I'll have reasons for matching them up. Those not familiar with either or both will be totally lost and for that I apologize. Hopefully you'll enjoy this week anyway.

Also, I consider today Day One. The first one is team captain Wild Wing with farm girl Apple Jack. Reasons to come when they're all finished.

Also, a quick, inexpensive commission that I did for a friend. Two of his characters as ponies. My favorite pony Rarity is in the background because she's responsible for the male looking so dressed up.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Week 8: A Collection - Part 2

And now for the other things created this week, mainly outside of class. For starters is something in color! A gift for a friend who had her birthday on Leap Day. It's a character from a video came galled Phoenix Wright, which I know very little about. But he's a German character, hence the German phrase that more or less means "Happy Birthday".

This next one is a Work In Progress for my Printmaking I class. We're doing screen prints this time which are easy but tedious. I'm not at the actual printing phase yet, but I will be next week. This is the pre-embossing transparency of mine. Well, one of them. The idea may have subconsciously come from a Madame Butterfly poster that a friend of mine has. Never seen the play myself, but the concept of a geisha and butterflies was too interesting to pass up.

This one's not a drawing, but a creative creation all the same. I've been trying to get back into sculpting clay food, and did these donuts last Friday night. I recently bought some more sculpting supplies and found more tutorials, so hopefully more like this will be soon in coming.

And finally some crazy emotional stuff that I forced out while un-medicated last week. It kept me from going any more insane than I already was.

And with that it's time to start planning what to draw for my re-entry into Weekly Art! Looking forward to that.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Week 8: A Collection (Artistic Nudity)

I used this week to get back on track from last week, so while nothing major is finished I have certainly been busy! Here's the results of this week's Figure Drawing classes. In the next couple of days I'll post all the other art I worked on this week.