Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 8 - Progress 2: Subtle Improvements

I was kind of kicking myself after reading yesterday's feedback (and thank you all for that, really), realizing that I'd forgotten more about facial anatomy than I'd thought. I am working from a photo (sort of), but yesterday I didn't have it propped up right beside my computer screen like I did today. I think it helped a lot.

Since working on the nose without a solid outline was messing me up, I added a temporary one to serve as a guide for the lighting. It will be erased for the final image, but it's helping a great deal. I also re-did the eyes completely, but something about the left one still bothers me.

It was nice to finally start blending the shadows so it doesn't completely look like some weird "paint by number" thing anymore. Hopefully tomorrow I can at least start adding hair. My dad was balding, but in the back, not the front.

Music: Hanson, again, mostly the song "With You In Your Dreams"

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