Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week 6 - Progress 1: Gunslinger Kitty

Yes, the update is a day late, but rest assured that I did, in fact, draw this yesterday. It just was late at night by the time I scanned it. I even went through the hassle of scanning it from my mom's computer, e-mailing it to myself, and then uploading it now instead of when I get home tomorrow.

After three weeks of hassling with a lot of straight lines and a distinct lack of curves, I decided that I was going to have as much fun this week as possible. Also, I haven't drawn my main original character, Kat, yet this year. Shameful, isn't it? So I make up for that now by drawing her in a random vigilante-like outfit. Because I love vigilante movies. And yes, she will have under-arm holsters. Those things are awesome.

This is my pose reference for the week, complements of Senshistock on Deviantart

Music: Nada


  1. Oh boy, this will be a fun one, I can already tell! :-)

  2. Oh, hey, are you going to be all trendy and do a Valentine's Day pic? I'd like to do one, I'm just at a loss as to what to draw.