Friday, February 4, 2011

Week 5 - Done At Last

As predicted in my last entry, I was indeed up until almost midnight working on this, and haven't had time to upload it until just now because it's on the big computer that I don't take to work with me. But hey, here it is in all its completed "glory". Could I have done more with it? Yes. Am I going to? No, I'm calling it good. This week was a challenge and I'm glad to wash my hands of it.

Though as far as the final product, I can't say I hate it. Photoshop improved a lot of things, and the pose of the central figures turned out well. I'll admit that some of the background leaves something to be desired, but it was the wrestling pose that I was most concerned about from the start. Way to cooperate, boys.

Also as predicted, I'm worn out after the hour and a half drive to my mom's house and would have no desire to finish this if I hadn't already. I'm not sure how this is possible after the 20 ounce coffee I had at 11:30 this morning.

Also, link to DeviantArt.