Saturday, February 19, 2011

Week 8 - Progress 1: Huge Undertaking

Even as I upload the first progress on this, I'm in the "what was I thinking?!" phase of it. I'm not only trying to digitally paint a portrait, but one of someone that I've never managed to get on paper without disappointing myself; my father.

So far, attempting to accomplish it digitally is working better, as mistakes are taken care of with a simple "CTRL + Z" command. But still, with three hours of work down and several more to go it looks really odd and I'm asking myself if I can really finally do it.

Already I'm seeing that the eyes are uneven and scratching my head as to how to make hair look realistic. Cartoon hair I can do in color. Human hair I can do with graphite or grayscale media. But human hair in color? Already dreading it.

Music: Hanson album "Middle of Nowhere" (...I owned the cassette thanks to my dad. Don't look at me like that.)


  1. There is nothing weird about enjoying music for whatever reason. D:

    I... really don't have a whole lot of advice for this. A quick lookup brought this up which seems fairly sound. Looks like most tutorials are about long flowing hair, which works very differently. I don't know your dad's hair type, so I don't know how helpful that is.

  2. I was a Hanson fan back in the day. I think you're doing really good so far, just take a deep breath and relax. This is a good start and while
    I don't have a picture perfect memory of the photos you had of your Dad, this is the start of what looks to be one of the H(leaving out the rest of your name spelling) boys.


  3. Well, just going by the general human face measurements, the inner corners of the eyes should line up with the outside of the nose, so the eye on the right is way, way too close to the nose.

    Are you working off a photo? I've found that it helps to trace the base sketch right off the photo. It majorly helps correct flaws.