Thursday, January 31, 2013

Week 5 - Daddy Was A Pistol

Oh look, another Jensen Ackles drawing. It's actually for the original intended idea for the previous one, being a print for my Intermediate Printmaking class. Basically I have to transfer it onto a giant slab of rock and then use said rock to make the print. It's actually a bigger pain in the rear than I made it sound, but it's so labor intensive that I feel it deserves a whole week dedicated to it.

This is the sketch on paper that I did last night, using a photo as a reference. It's very scribbly at some points, but that's more of a tone reference for me.
And here's the start of my putting the image on the stone. I used transfer paper to put down the light basics and have been going over it again and adding lights and darks with special grease crayons and a grease resistant. The latter is what appears to be brown smudges here but will in fact be white in the final product. Basically those are the highlights. The border is just to keep me from printing or drawing too far out.

There won't be a ton of updates for this, but after the week I've had I think I deserve something of a break.

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