Thursday, May 26, 2011

Week 21: Lyrical

Yesterday was great for a sort of "last hurrah" for taking walks on weekdays. It was sunny mildly breezy, and regardless of the lack of Farmer's market the "Friendship Square" area where I sat was far from boring. There were two young women hanging out playing guitar which was lovely ambiance for drawing. One of them made it onto my paper a couple times. I made sure to thank them for the background music on my way back home.

No adventures in Photoshop yesterday, but instead I started on another art commission for a friend. So far, so good. I do so enjoy drawing couples, and dancing poses are always an enjoyable challenge.
Right now I'm killing time before I leave for work. I set my alarm to 7 am - a good hour and a half before I even need to be there with only a five minute driving time from my house to work. I may try for half an hour later next week because now I'm practically pacing the floor being a combination of nervous, excited, and caffeinated for my first day.

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