Friday, May 27, 2011

Week 21: Less

Yesterday was uneventful and went by quickly, which is always acceptable for a first day of work. Today went by even quicker still and I was finished by 1:30 (or 13:30, for you military time people). The above sketches were done before work yesterday, since I arrived early. There's a coffee stand right in the office's parking lot that I am certain to become a regular at before summer ends.

I also did some sketching on the commission and aim to have it finished by Monday evening. Ah, bank holidays are wonderful things.
This week of sketching and breathing was great. I do believe another one of these will happen before the year's end, maybe even a couple of times.

Next week (As in, the one that starts this Sunday) and the weekend following will be a bit insane. As mentioned, I have Monday off, but will be working through the rest of the week and then moving in with my new roommate over the weekend. Then after that, my family is leaving for a trip. I intend to take the tablet-compatible laptop with me and my sketching supplies. We'll see what happens with that. I will, however, be attempting to complete Week 22 during this upcoming madness. Bottoms up!

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