Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week 21: Chill Pill

First, thank you to everyone for your feedback on Friday's entry! I did receive more than the comments here, as I also post links to my entries on my Twitter (which is private, so I'm not giving the name). All of your words were immensely helpful.

As was pointed out by a couple of you, this needs to be less of a chore. So this week I'm taking a sort of break. Yes, I am still drawing, but not going to force myself to complete anything. This week will be dedicated to sketching and conceptualizing and having fun.

One thing I've started doing is going on a daily walk and then finding a bench downtown to sit on and draw my surroundings. I posted the first page of these on Friday, and did more yesterday. Yesterday also happened to be the Farmer's Market, so there was more to see than usual.

There was also more making of the clay food yesterday:
...and some sketching in Open Canvas because Photoshop has gone on strike and I've yet to get it working again. I'm not fond of Open Canvas. A lot of what it does makes no sense. But I sketched the personification of Vietnam from Hetalia.
The week will continue much like this. I'll just be sketching/drawing/crafting as I see fit and then post the results. This is going to be fun. :)

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