Friday, May 20, 2011

Week 20: Seeing Starz + Role Call

Okay, so touching it up and signing it only took five minutes instead of thirty. Could it be pushed farther? No doubt. Will it be? Nope. It was an effective learning experience, which was largely the purpose from the beginning.

She is pretty dang cute.

Also, the sketches I did while out down town today. I'm horribly rusty with gesture drawing, and it shows:
ROLE CALL: So, really curious, who out there reads this thing? Not that I'll stop if I have a tiny readership - I have every intention of seeing this blog through to the end of the year and beyond. And for those who do read it, what would you like to see me do differently that would make this whole thing more interesting? Without readers the blog sort of doesn't have as much of a point as I would like, so feedback from you guys would be wonderful. :)


  1. Hmmm... Nearlywise here. I think the most interesting pieces to follow are the ones where you really stretch yourself or have a special reason for making them-- the one of your dad is a great example. Also pieces where you don't clue us in until the end (collage of influences) really distance the reader. You have to make your audience care about reading if you want to expand that audience.

  2. I'd like to see you just have more fun with the blog. Don't make it such a chore to do one pic a week. Post some sketches and progress pics and random stuff you doodled. Work on art to challenge yourself and some just for fun. It's YOUR blog, so enjoy it.

  3. I read it! :) I enjoy seeing what you're working on and reading your comments as you go through each stage. I think challenging yourself to regularly complete art and update the blog is great; it seems like a good way to be continually working on something. I have enjoyed the more "lifelike" pieces you have done, and I feel the more complex shading and finishing they require is a good challenge for you. That said, I agree with Kessie that fun pieces and doodles are also great, so include those as well.