Thursday, January 27, 2011

Week 4 - Progress 5: Closing In

Thank you, Kessie, for pointing out the perspective error on the paintings (that's what they are)! I covered it with white out and fixed it, but since they'll now be impossible to color over with marker, I'm going to cut out paper shapes from another source and paste them over. Like Photoshop, but with scissors and glue!

I started coloring, and pretty much anything left blank are things that I didn't know what color to use on. Except the walls. They're staying white.

His sword sheath I'm considering brown for, but decided to hold off and see if I got a better idea. His gloves will either be white or brown like his boots. The rug he's on I'm currently debating between light purple or the same green as his eyes. His sword I'm considering dark green/turquoise and purple for, but am currently unsure. If it helps, the country he's from has dark blue and purple as their "theme" colors.

Music: "Action" play list

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  1. Oh yeah, that looks so much better. You could also have just corrected it digitally once you scanned the final version. I did that a lot. :-)