Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week 4 - Progress 4: Lots of Inking

Something cool (and perhaps creepy) about today's progress is that it required me to go to my folder of 2010's Daily Sketches and find the design I settled on for Duke's sword. The file number? 026. January 26th 2010. See? Creepy-cool.

Thankfully I had a lot of time to kill after work today and used it to get caught up on this week's artwork since I felt that I was rather behind with it. Not only am I almost done inking, but I even got the design for the door figured out. I remembered today why I love my cork-backed drafting ruler so much besides as a whacking tool. Such pretty lines it helps me make.

I feel like something is off about the sheath, which is why I didn't ink it. I can look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow. I also held off on inking the pattern on the door because drawing it was tedious enough for one day, thanks.

Music: Action play list, mostly "Move" by Thousand Foot Krutch


  1. Nice! I'd date him, if I were a cat person.

  2. He looks good, but the windows give me a headache. The lines at the top of them should slant up, not down. If all the lines are slanting down, then technically we're sitting on the ceiling looking down. And the more I try to figure it out, the harder my brain hurts.