Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 04 - Progress 02: Real Start

Okay, this is better, though I can already tell that this one will be a real doozey. I'm going to be using perspective, one of my arch nemesis, in the background. And I need to figure out what the palace hall he's in looks like. Oh boy.

But hey, it's actually started now! The model I'm working from in my reference book is female, but hopefully that didn't carry over into Duke's build too badly? His shoulder/neck area is frustrating already, but that's always been a weak area for me.

Music: Action play list, mostly "Life is Beautiful" by Sixx AM and "Schwarze Sohnne"* by E Nomine

*Black Sun

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  1. The trouble I find, switching from female to male models, is that men have wider shoulders and thicker necks than women.

    Like, compare the dudes in this stock (they're all wearing undies, so don't worry) ...

    To the girls in this stock:

    She has so much good stock, you can usually find something similar to what you're drawing. She even has a swords and weapons gallery. :-)