Friday, January 13, 2017

Wow, This Is A Lot

Once in a while fandom communities will come together on Tumblr to organize a week of prompts dedicated to said fandom. It's unofficial and always just for fun. Last March there was such an event for my favorite Attack on Titan pairing, Levi and Hanji.  It's crazy to think that this was the last major art project I did before starting my full time job.

Technically there were seven days' worth but I don't like all of them enough to share. What I do feel like sharing I'll put up with the prompt that inspired it and how I chose to fill it.

Prompt: Service Men/Women
Fill: Levi and Hanji as police officers

Prompt: Fantasy
Levi is a shape-shifting dragon and Hanji is his human mate.

Prompt: College
Fill: ...self explanatory

Prompt: Iconic Movie
Fill: Levi and Hanji as members of the MIB

Going back through these I realize that I couldn't seem to choose a consistent color palette for Hanji other than "darker skin than Levi". Lately I've been more consistent with that.

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