Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Great Come Back (I Hope)

Barring the "under construction" post I made on December 22nd 2016, this blog has not been updated in over a year. There are a lot of reasons, but I'll try to keep them at summary length.

#1: I finally started a full-time job after being unemployed for seven months. And yes, I spent that entire seven months searching. I love my job, but it is full time. This cuts into art-making hours.

#2: I stopped doing the webcomic that I had been posting various pages and other content for on this blog. The labor of love became labor without love. In fact it became labor of near contempt, so I stopped. But I personally think that carrying on with a weekly comic for almost a year and a half is impressive. I'm not at all sad to stop working on it either.

#3: While I was still doing said webcomic, I had no time or energy to draw anything else. I stopped last July-ish, and having done that is so, so freeing. My inspiration, style, and even my skill level were suffering greatly. Now that I'm back to sketching on paper and doing whatever I want, I'm improving again.

#4: Other dampers on my creativity were the numerous mood disorders I'd been dealing with for years that were coming to an ugly head. But I finally found the medical help I needed, and after months of trial and error I am (mostly) on a blend of medication that works properly.

#5: Lastly I just plain forgot I had this. But since I've remembered it and finally have myself and my creativity back, I decided that I should have this back, too. It's the only way a lot of people see my drawings since my other social media do not intersect where this one does and I want to keep it that way.

Thanks for sitting through all that with me! The art will return next post, which will be tomorrow.

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