Friday, January 6, 2017

Feeling Like A Time Traveller

The last entry was miscellaneous artwork that didn't fall into one of two fan art categories, so from here on it's going to mostly fan art going back to the earlier I have for 2016 up until the most recent. It's going to be an experience looking through my folders and finding things from roughly a year ago and thinking back to my motivations and my mental state when I made them.

This entry will be all Attack on Titan fan arts of varying crossover or Alternate Reality setting. 

The first is from a Role Play with a friend where Levi is a shark merman and Hanji is a marine biologist. She rescues him from a tide pool one day and they hit it off from there.

I now remember how difficult it was to make Hanji look right after Levi turned out exactly how I wanted. She still doesn't look totally how I want, but it's been a year and the original drawing is now hanging on someone's wall. 

In 2015 I discovered and fell in love with Steven Universe. A friend turned me onto it and I grew to love these strange characters that were aliens made of gems (Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, etc.) 

Considering my obsession with Attack on Titan, it was only a matter of time before a friend and I did a crossover of the two. For my part, I decided to try designing Levi as a gem and settled on an Obsidian. My first design in 2015 was... bad. But early 2016 I tried again with far better results.

Role-playing with this version of Levi even inspired me to try digitally painting a background for the first time in... forever. And reminded me why I hate plants so much. Let me just say I'm glad plants are edible so I can eat them out of spite/revenge.

Although looking at it now I'm also acutely aware that I should try a complex background again sometime soon. Having the motivation will be much easier without trying to hastily throw one together for a webcomic page each week.

I haven't yet decided what intervals I'll post blog entries at. Weekly? Twice a week? Who knows. I'm just rolling with it for now.

See you next time!


  1. I really like these and I think you didn't a pretty good job on the plants.
    Post whenever you feel like posting. I used to try to do daily but I've gone through periods where I will go days without ever touching my computer. Its weird and nice.
    Lastly, you are a total turd for getting us into Voltron.