Monday, January 9, 2017

Color is Also Over-Rated

I don't really color traditionally anymore. There's a long list of reasons, but to summarize it comes down to not much free time, how messy I color on paper, and the cost of replacing supplies. With the exception of sometimes slapping some color on with a sharpie, I tend to color anything digitally after scanning it.

Anyway, to the art. More Attack on Titan to the shock of absolutely no one.

Last Valentine's Day I drew up a couple of gifts for some fellow single ladies. Armin in the bunny outfit he wears in the Attack! Jr High spin-off, and a sexy but still gentlemanly Erwin Smith.


Early last year when I was still desperately hunting for a job, I decided I'd try making and selling some art prints. Sadly not long after I finished them Society6 took down all the Attack on Titan prints at the request of Funimation. Just as well I suppose, since they weren't selling anyway.

First up was is Levi but as the lead singer in a metal band. I still like the drawing even though I never did anything with it. It would have made a neat phone cover or something.

This drawing of Mikasa was for the same purpose but also never actually sold or used. I also still like it and these were both good practice for drawing more "contained" designs.

So far book-ending the week in blog entries seems to be working best, for the catch-up phase at least. Once I'm actually posting entries as I draw we'll see how that goes.


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  2. Wow, these are really awesome. I love Metal Levi and Mikasa.