Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Week 13 Will Return After These Messages

While I have started doing concept sketches for this week's art project, none of them have been scanned and none of the actual drawings have been started. I am not without new artwork, however, so here's some things I've been doing for Painting and Printmaking to hold you over until tomorrow.

Since I can't remember if I showed the more or less finished version of the Crime and Punishment painting on here yet or not, here it is... possibly for the second time. The rim of the mug needs fixed but other than that I'm pretty satisfied.

I've also started my next painting which is sort of... corny... but eh. It's portrait practice, obviously of Liam Neeson with some North Irish landscape in the background, since that's where the man hails from. I also haven't touched it since last Wednesday because I played hooky yesterday.

Last is my latest print, which is polyester lithography and I'm too tired to go into the long explanation of how it works. Google would probably do better, but here's a photo of the plate I drew on (Bottom) and one of the prints that came off of it (top). The teacher mentioned at midterms that my prints have an angry theme (gee I wonder why?), so might as well keep going in that direction.

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  1. LOL, I like the angry theme. I also like the Liam Neeson portrait as well as the Crime and Punishment painting. Playing hooky was much more fan that school, admit it! You were a rebel this weekend. :)