Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week 13 Gets Silly

As (sorta) promised, here are actual updates for Week 13. This week "officially" started Monday art-wise since that's when I started doing silly sketch ideas for what I hope will be a collection of 3 caricatures by the week's end. Inspired by a hilarious blog called Books of Adam I thought I would expand a little and try making living things look ridiculous but still recognizable. These aren't the finished work, but the best of the concept scribbles I did in my sketchbook.

The first victim is my aunt's Persian Ellie, who's goofy looking even by Persian standards.

The second victim pretty much asked for it. When I was out shopping with friends recently there was this child in the store who screeched like something unleashed from the very chasms of hell. This continued for quite some time despite all hopes that she would hyperventilate and pass out.

I will be doing myself for the third but only have one idea sketch thus far that I think can be improved upon. I'll start the actual sketches next.

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  1. Nah... you didn't make that mouth nearly big enough on that devil child >< LOL