Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Week Ten Part Two?

It's truly irksome that this semester has challenged me to a duel and is thus far winning. After making it to at least June last year with Weekly Art, however, giving up already is hardly an option. So onward we press. Hopefully April will bring something of a fresh start.

The commission is still being worked on and is finally in the color stage, which shouldn't take nearly as long as sketching it since these were new characters to me. Unfortunately working on it during my lunch break right now isn't an option because I left the picture in my scanner like the genius I am.

We've moved onto to ink media in Figure Drawing, and though I don't have photos of what we did yesterday, here's something from last week. These were done with Tombow markers, which I hadn't used in a few years. It was an experience that revealed that I need a lot more practice with faces.
And finally, a little something that kept me good and occupied all last Sunday afternoon. It's lumpy and very retro, but it was hard work and it's mine. Too big for the dollhouse, alas, but perfect for the Barbie-sized collection I have.

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