Friday, March 2, 2012

Week 8: A Collection - Part 2

And now for the other things created this week, mainly outside of class. For starters is something in color! A gift for a friend who had her birthday on Leap Day. It's a character from a video came galled Phoenix Wright, which I know very little about. But he's a German character, hence the German phrase that more or less means "Happy Birthday".

This next one is a Work In Progress for my Printmaking I class. We're doing screen prints this time which are easy but tedious. I'm not at the actual printing phase yet, but I will be next week. This is the pre-embossing transparency of mine. Well, one of them. The idea may have subconsciously come from a Madame Butterfly poster that a friend of mine has. Never seen the play myself, but the concept of a geisha and butterflies was too interesting to pass up.

This one's not a drawing, but a creative creation all the same. I've been trying to get back into sculpting clay food, and did these donuts last Friday night. I recently bought some more sculpting supplies and found more tutorials, so hopefully more like this will be soon in coming.

And finally some crazy emotional stuff that I forced out while un-medicated last week. It kept me from going any more insane than I already was.

And with that it's time to start planning what to draw for my re-entry into Weekly Art! Looking forward to that.

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