Thursday, March 29, 2012

Week Ten: Is It April Yet? Artistic Nudity

March could be over already and that would be fine with me. It has been an inexplicably rough month even with Spring Break. At the very least my goal of finishing my second commission by April appears doable. It's just clothing and a simple background from here, and while skin is fun to color it can be difficult, especially with colored pencil.
We're onto our next project in Printmaking, which will be Intaglio. Trust me when I say Wikipedia could explain it better. At the very least it should go more smoothly than silk screen. This is my concept so far. I was not in the best of moods.

Finally started on the third commission, and it and the fourth are for the same person. This one will only be line art, but the other will be color.
Lastly, something from Figure Drawing on Monday because there weren't any results from Wednesday worth posting. We're doing India ink now. For some reason the longer poses are less stressful for me than warming up.

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