Monday, March 5, 2012

Week Nine: The Nostalgic 2x4

Last Friday as the work day was winding down and two cups of coffee were pumping through my system, a project for this week came to me. One of my favorite shows to watch after school with my brother and father (not long before he was killed) was the Mighty Ducks cartoon series. My Little Ponies were among my favorite toys at the time, too. With the new Pony series out featuring six main characters and an important show from my childhood having the same, the idea came to me to combine the two.

So the idea this week is do complete six easy drawings featuring a Duck and the Pony I think suits them best. Some are going to be biased (my two favorites will definitely be in the same drawing), but over-all I'll have reasons for matching them up. Those not familiar with either or both will be totally lost and for that I apologize. Hopefully you'll enjoy this week anyway.

Also, I consider today Day One. The first one is team captain Wild Wing with farm girl Apple Jack. Reasons to come when they're all finished.

Also, a quick, inexpensive commission that I did for a friend. Two of his characters as ponies. My favorite pony Rarity is in the background because she's responsible for the male looking so dressed up.

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