Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week 8: "Can't Control the Curse"

I was too restless to draw yesterday, so this morning I bought some groceries and spent most of a gift card at the local used book store to cure my cabin fever. When I came home, I'd finally settled down enough to finish my drawing. Blasting the Frozen soundtrack in the car the entire morning was also helpful.

This character that I often role play and write for Hetalia, and "alternate" version of Canada, reminds me a lot of Elsa from Frozen. He seems cold and unfeeling, but that's because he's afraid. Unlike Elsa, however, his fear is more for himself than someone else. He spent a lot of his life being hurt, and the chances are high of it happening again. Plus there's that whole being Canada thing so I'm sure the cold doesn't bother him.

Since they remind me of each other, I decided on a "what if" scenario of him having the same ice power as Elsa. I imagine it wouldn't go much better for him than it did her.

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