Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Week 7 is All Sketchy

As I predicted, I was too busy last week to do a finished drawing, but plenty of sketching happened. This is all fine with me. Relaxing and letting the creativity flow as it will is fun. Plus the person I was visiting was a big influence on all of my sketches. She's a dear friend and I already miss hanging out with her.

Now, My Neighbor Totoro is an old childhood favorite of mine, and I love to share it with people. She loves movies and anime too, so we watched it together and had a grand time! She kept comparing characters to our favorite Hetalia characters, which made it even more fun. The result was this pen doodle of Totoro and his two little buddies as Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus (right to left).

This one's inspired by the role-plays I do with the same friend. Her character is very motherly, and my characters tend to need a mother figure a lot. That's about all I have to say about that one.

And lastly, one I did after I came home. My friend and I love to watch Bob's Burgers together, and we're pretty much Tina and Louise so this is us dressed as them. We're practically sisters (they're blood sisters), she's loud and plotting and maniacal like Louise. I'm awkward and nerdy with a deep voice like Tina... and also butts.

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