Thursday, September 6, 2012

Week Twenty-Nine or Something

I've been meaning to update for at least two weeks and then forgetting as soon as it occurs to me. Since I'm working on a drawing outside of class, however, I guess it qualifies as another Weekly Art.
And yes, I'm going to try again next year. I'll only have one semester of school to contend with, after all, since I graduate in May.

This is an incredibly early birthday gift for a friend. She's already seen it up to this point, though by now it's also been inked and I've started coloring it. Her birthday isn't until the end of September, but I figure why not start the party early? That and I wanted to work on it when the inspiration was there.
And here's more of the painting for my studio class. It's progressed more since this photo was taken, but not much. It's due on Wednesday, but my plan is to take it home tomorrow and finish it over the weekend.

Also, I would like to submit a question to anyone who happens to read this. For my Mixed Media class I've been making collages cut from magazines and such. We're doing several of them as exercises until mid-term, and then we'll start working more independently. I really enjoy them, however, and I think they turn out rather interesting. Would any of you want to see them uploaded here?

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