Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Week Thirty Is Stubborn

At the mid-critique yesterday, the professor stepped onto his soap box about none of us doing Abstract Expressionism correctly. One of his major complaints was that they were all too "figurative", though he didn't spend time on mine specifically he was referring to a few of them.

At this point, however, I have to put my foot down. It reminds me of my earlier years in school where I threw fits about having to do abstract things that I hated, but as a senior now I feel that I know what I want, whether it's exactly what the teacher is looking for or not. I'm not going to ruin something I'm proud of for the sake of a grade.

The painting isn't done, but if the professor wants the figure to disappear completely he's out of luck. I spent too much time planning and executing this and used too much paint to turn it into something I hate. So yes, there will be alterations, but I'm not going to destroy what I consider the integrity of this piece.

Also, a Google search turned up abstract expressionist art that does have a figure to it. So there.

1 comment:

  1. I say keep it the way it is - I really like this piece and maybe it's because it's abstract but not soooo abstract that I like it so much. <3 I love the figure and the motion and at a glance it's everything the professor wants and upon deeper glances it's everything that you want. So I say go with your gut and don't ruin something you like for the sake of a grade. <3