Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Guess It's Week Twenty-Eight

This was actually finished a couple days after the Week 27 drawing, but since it took less than a week to finish it, it should still count as a Weekly Art, right? Apparently mid-August was a great time for drawing naked Hetalia characters. At least this one has slightly more depth. If you want more explanation for that, you can read the description on my DeviantArt upload of it.

With the start of school has come the start of Intermediate Painting, and so also comes uploading progress shots of my paintings to this blog. We've only had two class periods and this one's already more enjoyable than the Painting I class, probably because we should all know what we're doing anyway so the instructor hardly interferes. This is just fine with me.

Our current assignment is to take two "Romantic" American landscape paintings from the 19th century, collage them, and do a painting based on that. Landscape is not my favorite thing, but since we have to do it, I might as well make it fun and do something impressionistic with it. It's a combination of the following two paintings, Mendon Hills by Stacy Tolman and Summer by Sydney Burleigh, respectively.


  1. Someone's been listening to Shinedown ^.^ I really love all of them Kitty Kat.

  2. I'm not a big landscape person either but I loooove trees and I think you picked good pictures to inspire you. <3