Thursday, January 5, 2012

Week One: Progress Two

Maybe it was the built up congestion and over-all tiredness of last night, but for some reason this picture looks better today than it did before bed. The colors I've started with are still iffy and the hibiscus flowers are too tropical-looking, but they can still be fixed easily.

The symbols in the crescent aren't Astrology symbols, but I found them on this website, which shows them as what people claiming to be abducted by aliens were supposedly shown. Whether they're real or not, filling the circles with actual symbols rather than making them up seemed like a better idea.

Also, yes, the cigarette holder is backwards. The reason is simply because I didn't want any of the picture to break the frame. If I did it on one side, I'd feel the need to do it on the other and there's no detail that needs to. So backwards it is.

Today I'll be coloring in the background and attempting to draw dreadlocks in a Mucha-like manner. That should be... interesting.

Background noise: Shaun the Sheep via Netflix instant play. Hush, it's cute.

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