Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week Four: I Must be Crazy

Oh hey, the parts came in to fix my computer so it won't crash with graphic-heavy programs! Turned out that buying RAM cards was all I needed to do, so no need to save $400 for a new laptop.

The idea sprang from watching an artist I admire work on Livestream. She was doing a sketch of the backs of characters and added tattoos. It was a quick sketch so their tattoos weren't overly complex, but since this picture will take a week, why not add a lot of detail? Also, since I'd like the character's face to be visible, I went even further and decided to do a mirror AND some detailed decorations. Like I said, I must be crazy.

Here's a 300% close-up of the nesting doll sitting on top of the shelves:

The other things are some porcelain Faberge eggs, books, a medal, and a portrait.

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