Monday, June 20, 2011

Week 25: Redux

Normally the trends among my fellow artists are something to be avoided due to my mentality of "if everyone else has done it, then my contribution wouldn't make much difference" or "everyone else is doing it, I want to be different." A recent trend I've noticed, however, is that of artists re-doing old works for comparison's sake, and probably for a self-esteem boost as well. As an artist, I find any sort of self-esteem boost too good an opportunity to pass up. So I found something well over a year old in my DeviantArt gallery and decided to re-create it.

Behold, "Delivery" . It's old and it's awful and it begs for me to try again. This time my aim is to have a believable background, characters that are proportionate to one another, and improved anatomy. A more dynamic angle wouldn't hurt, either. It'd be wonderful to do this in traditional media, but a combination is most likely at this point since my marker collection is still dwindling.

Also, to help pass time and hopefully earn a little more income due to work being slow, I've joined a couple of paid journalism sites and taken on a few assignments. I've been discouraged with writing of late, however, so hopefully my trip to the library in about ten minutes will cure that. On top of that, I'm searching for a second job to take on in order to make sure bills are paid.

Hello stress. I did not miss you while I was on vacation.

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