Tuesday, June 14, 2011

week 24: Alien Behavior

While on vacation this last week, I birthed another new original character for the sake of a role play story with my cousin "A" and I. It's a sci-fi setting, and her character is a male-type android and mine is the alien being sketched out here.

I wanted a female character, but a rather manly female, and for the sake of having a good reason, Corvus (the character) is of a species that is born hermaphrodites about 80% of the time. Corvus is one of those majority, though the hermaphrodites of the species can decide to emphasize one gender trait over another at any time. I think right now Corvus is about neutral.

While Corvus has a tail, her/his ears are rounded, because pretty much every other alien character you ever see has pointed ears. Doing four fingers instead of five was accidental, but I think I'll keep that trait. It'll make drawing hands more difficult later.

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