Saturday, April 30, 2011

Week 18: Paid Job

This week's project is a commission for one of my friends on DeviantArt. I wouldn't feature a black and white commission on this blog, but since this one will be full color I think it should qualify as a week-long project. And this way the client can see what I'm up to.

These two are her version of Metal Knuckles and Metal Sonic 2 from the Sonic games. Thankfully she allowed me to draw them in my own style rather than that of the official art, since she doesn't draw them that way either. Humanoid anatomy is more fun anyway.

The female character will have clothes, this just seemed a good point to scan what I had so far.

Background noise: "The Shining". What? I'm bored. And it really sucks compared to the book, just FYI.

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