Sunday, June 1, 2014

Week 22: Goodnight Sweet Prince

Somehow this week I didn't get around to posting any progress, but it's done now.

Near the beginning of May my brother's 17 year old cat, Sonic, passed away. I wasn't there and don't live close enough to pay my respects in person, so I did it in my own way. He was part of my life for several years while our family still lived together and I'm going to miss him.

Sonic always looked unimpressed, as I suppose life in general did not impress him unless there was a tuna can being opened or a ball of aluminum foil on the floor. Even laser pointers bored him.

He was also not especially social, but he wasn't mean either. He was indifferent to the existence of most humans save for my brother. Being graced with his presence on your lap was a big deal, especially if you got him to purr. Unless, again, you were my brother. Because my brother was his favorite thing.

I always enjoyed his aloof passive-aggression, and enjoyed picking him up just to annoy him with belly rubs. Seriously he had the fluffiest spotted tummy. And it was irresistibly round. It demanded rubbing.


  1. He was a good kitty ^^ and I like this picture you did of him very much. I imagine him now with cute little puffy angel wings over his back. I hope your brother is doing okay. It's never easy to lose someone who's been there for you for such a long time. *huggles*

  2. He will be missed a lot! Love this picture, you did an awesome job and I think he would be quite happy with it!