Sunday, May 26, 2013

Week 20 is a Beginning and an Ending

I did not do much sleeping the night of the accident. I kept feeling that strange inner wobbling that happens when you've been on a boat all day or obsessively using a tire swing. I also kept re-seeing the blur of the world as my car tumbled into the median and hearing Mom wailing, both of which would rob anyone of sleep. But Mom and I were sharing a bed, which helped, and Starz was feeling as snuggly as usual. The latter calmed all my fears that the cat was bleeding internally and could randomly die.

The trauma made me exempt from driving the next day, so my brother handled about seven hours of travel as we followed Mom to Casper, Wyoming. We also met some family for lunch who were headed in the opposite direction, oddly enough. The Mexican restaurant we met at was dubious and when I first arrived I thought a really short waitress whom I thought was someone's kid. I feel kinda bad for that part. Not that bad though, because their burnt bacon messed up the roof of my mouth. Besides being exhausted and sore I couldn't eat anything crunchy without pain for two days.

The day after that I had regained enough courage to drive a bit, so between my brother and I we made it to Kansas (Kaweeney or something) and drove about 11 hours. All this time Starz was back to being dramatic despite the lack of carrier. We had some cat pheromone spray to calm her down but it took a good thirty minutes to kick in and she can be more than obnoxious in that time span.

I don't know how many of you have seen “A Goofy Movie”, or have both seen and remember it, but when we arrived I kept thinking of the final scene in the movie. Let me recap:

Goofy and his son Max, after a crazy vacation of father-son bonding, Sasquatch sighting, waterfall adventures, and a concert, arrive back in their home town at the house of Max's crush. When they stop, their already battered car loses a few more pieces, including the back bumper.

While “Ivan” was still functional and did not drop his bumper, I couldn't help making a comparison. Also the chunk of plastic in the back window that holds up his top break light fell off.

And here I sit in the lobby of my mom's apartment complex (which is a very fancy place. Pool, rec room, and all) waiting for her to arrive from work and offer me a ride back to our apartment. It's not far but it's rainy and I don't want to walk.

To end things well, have a photo of Starz bird watching out the balcony door, her new obsession:

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  1. <3 At least you are there and alive. And the cat is happy watching her birds XD