Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week 18 Does Some Experimenting

It does indeed do some experimenting, but first, the next step in the commission in which the pets make more sense proportionally and everyone is happily inked.
I've decided that since I am aiming for a creative profession, I should learn to do more digitally. Yes, I can draw in various art programs, but there are whole other beasts entirely, like Adobe Illustrator. Many art professions expect you to know your way around Adobe, especially Illustrator. So I dusted off the CS5 version that I bought two years ago and used maybe a total of twice for a class that I actually hadn't needed it for at all (sigh) and started going through tutorial videos to figure out the various tools.

I spent yesterday afternoon learning to use the blob brush, and figuring out the selection tools. This is far from perfect, but I spent a long time on it and it's not too bad.

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