Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Week 7 Conks out and Week 8 Rises

Right now I'm caught between never wanting to see this painting again and seeing where I could easily come back and fix things. Due to poor Katniss' very masculine build here my professor thought it was a commentary on gender and could be a drag show or something of that variety. This made him happy, which is good, but that's honestly not what I want. I think when I come back to it I'm going to totally re-do all the places where you can see her skin as well as her hair. I do like her dress though.

Since I had the motivation and the extra time tonight, I started Week 8. Actually I re-re-started Week 8 after trying to put it on paper twice and failing miserably. Some things just have to be digital to work for me nowadays. That and after cramming a painting into six days I think I earned some tablet drawing.

The subject matter is fan art of a character I haven't drawn in a while. He's a werewolf of sorts and to me it would be a fun quirk if he communicated with dogs (including wolves) well enough to chill out with them. The wolves are possibly way too large, but that's deliberate.

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  1. Ah I like the Jean piece XD he's so cute chilling with the pups. And I don't think they are too too big. Wolves can be really huge. It looks pretty organic to me. ^_^