Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Week 6 Realizes This Is Silly But Continues Anyway

As the title implies, I came to a realization while working on the drawing this evening. That is that I will no longer be living in this city during the Renaissance Fair for which this poster is being drawn. I will be busy settling into a new life and won't make a trip back the weekend of the fair, mostly because it's really small and partly because it's unlikely I'll have the energy.

That, however, doesn't mean I'm going to just put a stop to the drawing. Practice is practice and it's always healthy.The slight chance of winning $200 or $100 doesn't hurt either, nor does being able to say that I entered the contest on a resume. Not only that but I'll have to put text on this thing, which will also be worth my time to practice.

I updated with a close-up screenshot of Paintool SAI this time because all the work I did was on the girl and a full shot wouldn't really focus on that too well.

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  1. Auuu I wish you could still be there for the fair, but I send good luck your way! ^_^ Win, girl, win!