Friday, November 9, 2012

Mistakes into Masterpieces?

Today I sat down with the intent of finishing the trees on the other side of the wall and starting the brick pattern on the wall itself. The former went well, the latter was a horrible idea. Thus do I find myself working on re-painting the underlying colors on the first half of the wall and attempting to cover the other half with plants. That should work out okay, as long as the ground is still somewhat visible. I also used a ruler and scratched in the lines where some bricks would lay and that's working much better.

Also, for my New Media class I'm working on a short super heroine comic. It's an independent project that I chose myself, and will start off with traditional media, slowly working up to being fully digital. The first page will be colored with markers and colored pencils, the second will be traditional until I color it digitally, etc.

The word bubbles aren't there yet, but basically a young woman discovers a great gift during a time of trauma (her [step?] father abusing her mother in the next room).

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  1. Neat! I want to see more of the comic when you get it out <3