Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Week Twenty-Five is Also a Doll

And for this week I worked on more dolls. But no hair rooting this time, which was healthy for my sanity. This time I bought two Fashionista Ken dolls by Mattel (because I'm spoiled and like dolls with joints) and customized their hair and faces.

The first doll is meant to look like Alfred Jones/USA from Hetalia, but I lack glasses that actually fit him. That's also why his eyes are so large - was trying to achieve something of an "anime" look without them taking up half his face.
The other is something I've been meaning to do for a while; I wanted to customize a doll to resemble Hugh Jackman as The Drover from the movie "Australia". While it's by no means perfect (there's a limit on what I know how to do), I think it looks great for my first time adding facial hair to a doll. 
Below is more or less what they looked like before. Except that I'd already started on the blonde doll's hair when I took that photo.

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