Monday, February 20, 2012

Week 8: In the Manner of... #2 (Artistic Nudity)

The image above is one of the most well-known by Mexican female painter Frida Kahlo (July 6 1907 - July 13 1954). Though I admire the works of many historic artists, this woman is my favorite not only as a painter but as a strong determined person not afraid to express herself or depict life as the harsh, sometimes ugly reality that it was for her.

While there unfortunately won't be time for me to go about my week and do a painting on canvas to attempt mimicking her style, I'll still try it by digital means. For a bit I had no idea what I could do as a tribute to this woman, but yesterday it struck me to try a portrait of her with one of the three children that she was unable to carry to term due to a horrible accident when she was in her twenties. She wanted more than anything to have children with her husband Diego Rivera, but never could. So that will be my tribute to her. The thumbnail sketch in the top right of the page below is the concept for that.

And yes, more ponies.

There was also a non-cirricular figure drawing workshop that some cousins and I went to on Saturday. It wasn't my most successful round of drawing the figure, but it was still enjoyable and good practice.

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