Sunday, October 2, 2011

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I am pleased to present you all with an entry in which everything is finished and in color! Yes, as you can see above, this includes that obnoxious painting assignment. Overall, however, it could have turned out worse. I didn't really "get" it until the last couple days, which is why I think the teddy bear is the best part. The critique for it is on Tuesday.

This one had nothing to do with school, but was an art therapy painting I did while my counselor was over on Friday. It was relaxing (which was the idea), and I did absolutely no planning before I put the brush to the canvas. I just let it happen, and as a result I'm not really sure what's happening on the bottom half there.Lastly is the commission I finally finished for my friend. He actually didn't pay for it to be in color, I just chose to do that because it took me so long and I appreciated his patience.

Also, as mentioned in the title, I started another art blog of sorts on Tumblr. I started it in my Digital Tools class for my chosen project, and the idea behind it is character and costume design, and also a sort of portfolio for myself. A lot of the images are "re-blogged" from others, but some of my past assignments and recent projects are there as well:

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  1. Clearly, that church is over a vast emerald/sapphire mine, and this is the start of a movie where a group of plucky kids and possibly a cute animal sidekick prevent a greedy industrialist from bulldozing the old church building