Monday, October 24, 2011

Carrying On

It's true there were minimal updates with the progress of this painting, but at long last it's finished and ready to show to the world in completed glory. Accompanying it is a photo of the set-up, though keep in mind that it had to be taken down at the end of each class and re-assembled at the beginning of the next. That's why the backdrop fabric was more or less totally filled in on day one.

Also joining us again is the outcome of art-therapy. There was no counseling session last which, which was why none have been uploaded in a bit. This one's far less representational than the others, but still satisfying. It's called "Instrumental A Capella".

Next up is the first of a set of commission sketches that being done for a friend, as payback for her helping me out so much. They'll all be Hetalia related, but not all will be posted. This one is of "Denmark" and "Australia", whom she considers good drinking buddies. They were fun to draw and hey, Denmark gave Australia the Sydney Opera House.
Last up is something more for myself, and again, Hetalia-related. It's "Germany", but for an alternate setting Role Play with a friend where the character is female and the body guard for a Mafia Don's son. She normally tries to appear male, however, for a variety of reasons. One of those is that more people take her seriously on the job.

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