Thursday, July 14, 2011

Knowing When To Surrender

So... since my last update things have and have not improved. The good news was that I received a good deal of money for my "pain and suffering", which covered all the bills I was behind on this month, plus my glasses were replaced (for which I will be refunded), and I was provided with a rental car. I returned to my apartment, had a nice birthday, etc.

I'm still exhausted, however, and I just... can't draw. I tried on Monday and did horribly, managed some moderately successful sketching on Tuesday, but that's all. I can't focus and I'm just too worn out. Signing over my car title to obtain the funds to replace it is not simple regardless of what the insurance company would have you think. Work hours are sparse right now, too, though the work I do get is tiring and I owe volunteer hours to a local charity.

While I may be "approved" for unemployment, the website is confusing and I made a mistake on it that I can't fix until tomorrow. The office contact my boss on something it sounds like, and I'm hoping she realizes it was an honest mistake and isn't angry with me or think I'm dishonest.

However, this fall I will be taking a painting studio class at college. If I manage to get my brain functioning between now and then I will post sketches, but aside from that don't expect anything exciting until I get my canvas and paints out and start on that.


  1. Taking time off because you can't focus isn't failure. I do that all the time. When you feel better and life has calmed down, your creativity will return. :-)

  2. I have nothing like your excuse but really when stress gets high, it's hard to do anything and when its hot out, forget it. Just rest, relax as much as you can, and take it easy. I am glad that you got some money to keep you out of the hole and and hope that you get a really nice car out of all this too.