Saturday, February 11, 2017

Still Attacking Those Titans

We're getting close to the time last year when I started watching Voltron: Legendary Defender on Netflix and my artwork started to include that as well as the usual Attack on Titan art. That will probably start in my next catch-up entry. Until then, enjoy some more Attack on Titan characters.

Mikasa is someone who just looks like she'd be into the "punk" style, so when I see clothes like that online I have to draw her in them.

Hanji's birthday is in September and I always try to make sure to do at least a sketch for the occasion.

Another Levi/Hanji event happened on Tumblr. These are the two drawings from that week that I still actually like.

(Levi hate cold >:C )

So next time we'll have more variety! These continue to be a bit sporadic in updates but hopefully I'll get a regular day nailed down.

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