Friday, February 6, 2015

A Thing Called Life (And There's Art, Too)

I could have sworn that I've been updating this every time a new comic page comes out. Apparently I was wrong. So here's Pages 3, 4, and 5, and the portfolio entry with the textless pages.

Now for some bad news. Over a week ago my laptop's fan stopped working. Naturally it was the laptop with all my art programs and files. I attempted to fix the fan and the laptop promptly died completely. I still have all of my files because I took my hard drive out, but now I am waiting for my new laptop to arrive. Hopefully it will be here Monday and I can pick up where I left off on drawing page 6. If not, Page 6 is going to be delayed. So here's praying that it comes on time.

And finally, during the week I had the motivation to do some sketching, which turned into some form of Attack on Titan fanart - my favorite character Hanji as a man. Don't think about it too hard.

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  1. <3 Love this and love how the comic is kicking off and starting to come together.